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based on this post.

so a Camaro and Roscoe walk into a bar…

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a boy and his angels.

spn au | fairy tale

The boys are raised in a cabin where a sprawling wood meets the shore of a lake. There are mountains on the far side, great hulking things that race down to meet the glassy surface.

In the winter the wind blows off the ice and howls like a wolf, rattling the window panes. In the summer there is sun for miles, and they hike into the forest to lay out on cool, shady ground.

They always come back before sunset, because they’ve been raised to know of the creatures in the dark. Their father will be standing outside chopping wood in the coming dusk, and the boys will stop to watch as he brings the hatchet down.

“One day, this will be your job,” The Huntsman tells them, and the hatchet falls again.

(It does not come to pass; neither of the boys pick up their father’s hatchet. Instead, in time, the oldest will carry flaming arrows gifted to him by the Seelie Court, and the youngest will be given Unseelie magic to hold in the palm of his hand, and across the kingdom there will be whispers of the brothers who sold their lives to the fae for each other.)

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